Information Systems and Management CCWI

Main focus

The Information Systems and Management Competence Center at Munich University of Applied Sciences conducts application?oriented research and development in close collaboration with the industry.

The Competence Center focuses on two main research areas:

  • Mastery of IT processes and IT technologies
  • Concepts and solutions for innovative and intelligent systems.

Human influences and social skills always play an important role in IT projects. We also aim to keep IT systems and IT processes as simple as possible to ensure they remain manageable.

Information Systems and Management Competence Center

In practice, blatant flaws can still be found in the development and deployment processes of complex software systems. Too many IT projects fail because of problems caused by their complexity, the constantly changing demands, the process model itself, or by the lack of command of the software engineering and technologies in place. Development processes, software engineering and technologies must be made more manageable – in particular through simplification – and above all must be adaptable to the problem at hand.

Many projects continue to ‘reinvent the wheel’. Although a variety of theoretical approaches exist and are available as textbook knowledge, the practical implementation of these concepts still represents a challenge. As experienced practitioners with a well?founded theoretical background, professors from the University can make an important contribution here.

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